Privacy Policy
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About us

The official website is

Personal Data


As a visitor, and if you add a comment then we will be able to collect the data that showed up, as well as your IP Address to track possible spams and keep safe our website through Gravatar. After the confirmation of the validity of your profile, you will be able to add your comments in public view.

If you upload any media on this website you should avoid EXIF GPS, as any visitor can download and export any EXIF GPS from these pictures.

If you visit our website then you can choose to save your data in cookies. This will help you in the future, so you will not have to repeat the process. These cookies will be saved up to a year. Otherwise, we are going to create a temporary cookie to check if your browsers are compatible with cookies. Do not worry cookies do not include your personal data and will be deleted after the end of your visit.
In addition to this, we would like to inform you that we are going to create some cookies to save information about your visit. Entrance cookies will be deleted after two days and your screen options will be deleted after a year. If you choose ” Remember me” then, your sing in will be active for two weeks. If you log out then the cookies will be deleted instantly.
If you edit or post an article, an extra cookie will be saved. This cookie does not include any personal data and will be deleted after a day.

For an article on our website, it is possible to include embedded content like videos or pictures. That means that this website it is possible to gather informative cookies to see how would you react to this content, and how interested you are.

Your Personal Data is safe with us

If you ever ask for a new password to login your profile then your IP will be saved

At your convenience, if you post on this website then we are going to gather your data to make this process easier for you.
If you are an official user then, we are going to save your personal data, but you can edit them any time.

If you have an account on this website, that gives you the right to ask for an import of your personal data or ask us to delete every personal data of yours. Keep in mind that we are obligated tο observe data for legal and security reasons, and these are not to be deleted.